Welcome to our website. OGC Process Safety was established in 2016. As a young process safety consultancy company, twenty years of experience in the oil and gas and process industries is provided in the field of design aspects and operational aspects of Health, Safety and Environment. We specialise in the prevention and mitigation of major accident hazards, that are typical for the oil and gas and process industries.

Having incorporated a risk-based decision process as integral part of all our services, we offer cost-effective solutions to often complex problems related to design- and operational HSE aspects of process plants. Solutions are most effective and most fit-for-purpose if developed together with our Clients. Therefore we believe in the necessity of continuous dialogue.

Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in close vicinity to Schiphol Airpot, and close to the main highways, Clients all over Europe and elsewhere can be easily served.

On this website you find our service offering and experience, as well as various channels to contact us.