Our Company

OGC Process Safety is specialised in the prevention and mitigation of major accident hazards in the oil and gas and process industries, and all activities associated with that.

Our differentiator and advantage to our Clients, is that we are not only capable of providing a wide portfolio of HSE products, but that we are capable of quickly translating the outcomes of HSE studies and -evaluations into practical and sound engineering solutions that have proven to work. This is a result of our significant experience for almost twenty years on numerous large and small FEED and EPC projects in the offshore and onshore oil and gas and petrochemical industries, and our operational experience.

Our approach to design and engineering projects is governed by the systematic implementation of ISO 31000 – Risk Management as a tool to ensure that decision making with respect HSE aspects are adequately and systematically implemented from the earliest design stages onwards and is balanced adequately against cost, schedule and regulatory requirements.