Our Service Offering

Our Main Competence Areas

We have significant experience with and can provide services as Owner’s Engineer/Consultant for process safety and HSE aspects for greenfield and brownfield projects.

We also offer (lead) process safety engineering services and HSE Management services for concept-, FEED and EPC stages of engineering projects and we offer support services and studies for the operations phase of Oil & Gas and process facilities.

We can assist you in developing and/or managing the development and submission and approval process of key safety and environmental permits.

In recent years, single source and in combination with our partners, we have developed a portfolio of bespoke professional trainings and courses in the field of process safety. Further information can be found elsewhere on the website.

Our Key Technical Services and Products

The key technical services and products offered by OGC Process Safety are not limited to:

  • Appraisal of designs for compliance with IFC EHS Standards;
  • Project assistance as Lead Safety Engineer/HSE Design Manager;
  • Project assistance for process safety and HSE aspects as member of an Owner’s Engineers Team;
  • HAZOP Facilitation and -reporting;
  • HAZID Facilitation and -reporting;
  • Safety Layout Review facilitation and -reporting;
  • SIL Assessment workshop facilitation in accordance with IEC 61508/61511;
  • Fire, Explosion and Dispersion consequence modeling (using TNO Effects of spreadsheet based);
  • Flare Radiation Studies;
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment for offshore and onshore facilities (with partner);
  • Dedicated offshore safety studies as Escape Evacuation and Rescue, Temporary Refuge Impairment, Essential Systems Survivability Assessment, Dimensioning Accidental Load specification;
  • Scenario based Emergency Response Plans for offshore and onshore facilities (in conjunction with facilities operator);
  • HSE Design Advice;
  • Development of Performance Standards for Safety & Environmental Critical Elements;
  • Development of HSE Design Specifications and Safety Philosophies
  • Development and Submission of Design Notification and Operational Safety Cases in compliance with the EU Offshore Safety Directive;
  • ALARP workshop facilitation and ALARP demonstration reports;
  • Construction HSE Management System Audits;
  • Development of Fire and Gas Detection System Layouts;
  • Tender/Bid evaluation of design and construction HSE Aspects.